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curbside pickup

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Offer and Book Appointments

Appointments are a great way to manage capacity in your business. Wayt automatically offers appointments within the constraints you specify and allows customers to book them with a tap.

Wayt removes the barrier of calling to book an appointment, making shoppers more likely to visit your business and removing the burden of handling phone calls throughout the day.


Say "I'm here" to curbside pickup

Wayt makes offering curbside pickup a breeze. Businesses can create and manage orders directly from the app. Customers will instantly receive notifications when the order's status changes. Upon arrival, all they have to do is tap the button to say "I'm here." You will be instantly notified with their name, car, and preferred delivery method. 

With Wayt, curbside pickup is not a hassle, but a more efficient way of doing business. Wayt handles all the communication automatically, so you don't need to dedicate people and time to managing the pickup process. 

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Wait in a virtual line.

Make long, distanced lines outside in the heat a thing of the past. Instead of 6 feet apart, have your customers wait wherever they are comfortable. Anyone can join the line, and they will receive a notification when you let them in from the app.


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